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Chess Tournament Since 1971

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The Kronborg Tournament

Tournament started in 1971, initially held at the Technical School on Sdr. Strandvej in Helsingør.

In the last 5 years, the tournament has evolved to have a more international character. This shift in focus led to the relocation of the tournament from its longtime venue at Borupgårdskolen in Snekkersten to Marienlyst Strandhotel in Helsingør. Simultaneously, the tournament’s name changed from Kronborgturneringen to Kronborg Chess Open

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Chess since 1924

About Helsingør Chess Club

Helsingør Chess Club was founded on December 2, 1924, in Helsingør.

Albert D. Birn played a key role in founding Helsingør Chess Club. Unable to become a member of the two clubs already established in the city at that time, due to his job as a waiter, which didn’t align with the academic nature of the existing chess clubs, he faced a challenge.

So, what does one do when there’s no place for you? One option is to start your own chess club. And that’s exactly what he did. Now, the club has existed for 100 years, outlasting the others, which eventually closed and now only exist in the history books.

Today, the club ranks among the 15 largest chess clubs in Denmark, boasting one of the largest junior and youth sections under the Danish Chess Union.

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