GM Vitaly Kunin won the Kronborg Chess Open 2024

The German champion of 2023, GM Vitaly Kunin, won the Kronborg Chess Open 2024 Photo Jesper Simonsen

Grand Master Vitaly Kunin from Germany won the Kronborg Chess Open 2024 with 7 out of 9 possible points. He played 4 draws during the tournament and therefore did not suffer any losses. Congratulations to Vitaly on his tournament victory and the title of Kronborg Master 2024.

Decided in the last round

The battle for first place lasted until the final round, where Vitaly needed to win the last game to secure the title. A draw would not be enough if GM Sune Berg Hansen won his last game, as he would win the group based on the rule of most wins, since their head-to-head encounters ended in a tie.

Second place went to GM Sune Berg Hansen, who came close to taking first place, but a defeat in the penultimate round against the third grandmaster in the group, Vignir Vatnar Stefansson, proved decisive.

Close to a Norwegian GM norm

A strong performance by IM Tor Fredrik Kaasen from Norway earned him third place, missing only half a point for his third GM norm. If he had succeeded, he would have surpassed the magical 2500 rating, which he came close to reaching in July 2023 when his rating reached 2496. Undoubtedly, a future grandmaster in the making from Norway.

The international players in the top of the group

All 5 players from Germany, Norway, and Iceland finished in the top 6, followed by 4 Danes. FM Jeppe Hald Falkesgaard also had the opportunity to achieve an IM norm if he scored at least 5 points. Unfortunately, he only managed 2 points, which fell short of the norm.

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