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Kronborg Chess Open since 1971

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Kronborg Chess Open

Kronborg Chess Open: A Rich History

Formerly known as Kronborg Turneringen, the Kronborg Chess Open boasts a storied history marked by several significant developments over the years. Let’s delve into some noteworthy moments:

1971 – The Inaugural Champion

Chris Nørregaard from Gladsaxe Skakklub (Caïssa Gladsaxe) emerged as the first champion of the tournament in 1971.

1971 – Early Years with Multiple Venues

Initially held at the Technical School on Sdr. Strandvej in Helsingør, the tournament moved to the premises of Sangforeningen in Peder Frandsens Stræde in its early years.

1972 – Helsingør’s First Triumph

Just a year after its inception, Ib Jensen from Helsingør Skakklub became the first winner from the club.

1975 – Tournament Cancellation

Due to a significantly low number of participants, the tournament was canceled for the first and only time until 2020.

1976 – Relocation to Borupgårdskolen

After a series of changes in venues, the tournament found its home at Borupgårdskolen for many years, becoming the most recognized location for the Kronborg Chess Open.

2018 – New Venue & Profile

Kronborg Chess Open, formerly Kronborg Turneringen, underwent significant changes in 2018. The partnership with Marienlyst Strandhotel brought a new venue and a more international focus, prompting the name change. The tournament has been hosted at Marienlyst Strandhotel for the past five years.

2021 – 50th Anniversary Celebration

Intended as a grand celebration for the 50th anniversary, the plans were disrupted by ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in the cancellation of the tournament for the second consecutive year.

2024 – Chess at Comwell Borupgaard

Making history, the Kronborg Chess Open is set to be played at the splendid Comwell Borupgaard hotel for the first time, located just a stone’s throw from Snekkersten School (formerly Borupgårdskolen).

2024 – Anniversary Tournament

This year’s tournament serves as an anniversary celebration, marking 100 years of existence for Helsingør Skakklub, founded on December 2, 1924. The significance is heightened as the 50th-anniversary celebration was missed due to restrictions.

Kronborg Chess Open continues to be a highlight for chess enthusiasts, reflecting the dynamic and passionate world of chess.

Previous Selected Winners

Ole Bøgh Larsen

Kronborg Mesterskaber 1974-1977-1978-1981-1982-1995-2004-2008-2012-2014

GM Jacob Aagaard

Kronborg Mesterskaber 1992-1995-1996-2002-2003

FM Mikkel Jacobsen

Kronborg Mesterskaber 2014-2016

FM David Bekker Jensen

Kronborg Mesterskaber 1997-1998

GM Carsten Høi

Kronborg Mesterskaber 1992-

GM Nick de Firmian

Kronborg Mesterskaber 1999-

WFM Louise W. Fredericia

Kronborg Mesterskaber 2008-

GM Valery Kazakouski

Kronborg Mesterskaber 2023-

The Winners of the Tournament Since 1971

Ole Bøgh Larsen from Helsingør Chess Club, with his 10 victories, is the most winning in the history of the tournament.


1971 Chris Nørregaard Gladsaxe
1972 Ib Jensen Helsingør
1973 Ebbe Lorentzen Måløv
          Henning Rasmussen Nykøbing Sj.
          Peter M. Mortensen Gentofte
1974 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
1976 Erling Christiansen Valby
1977 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Gerner Carlsson St. Sk
          Nils Nilsson K.S.
1978 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
1979 Nils Nilsson K.S.


1980 Flemming Lund AS 04
1981 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Ib Andersen AS 04
1982 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Eric Brøndum K41
          Steen Clausen K41
1983 Morten Kaspersen Capablanca
1984 Mads Reinert Odysseus
1985 Søren Riis Espergærde
          Steen Clausen AS 04
1986 Thorbjørn Rosenlund Lyngby
1987 Eric Brøndum K41
1988 Peter M. Mortensen K41
1989 Nicolai Borge Espergærde


1990 Kim Pilgaard AS 04
1991 Steen Clausen K41
1992 Carsten Høi Brønshøj
Jacob Aagaard Lyngby
1993 Jens Østergaard Hillerød
1994 Kestutis Kaunas Litauen
1995 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Henrik Holmsgaard Helsingør
          Jacob Aagaard K41
1996 Jacob Aagaard K41
          Tim Jaksland Espergærde
1997 Tobias Christensen Espergærde
          David Bekker Jensen Brønshøj
1998 David Bekker Jensen Helsinge
1999 Nick de Firmian Espergærde


2000 Niels Jørgen Fries Nielsen Helsinge
2001 Michael Jørgensen AS 04
2002 Jacob Aagaard Skakspill
         Torbjørn R.Hansen Norway
2003 Jacob Aagaard K41
2004 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
2005 Nicholas Nielsen Helsingør
          Bo Garner Christensen AS 04
2006 Bo Garner Christensen Skovbo
2007 Nicholas Nielsen Helsingør
2008 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Louise Winther Fredericia K41
          Bo Garner Christensen Skovbo
2009 Tommy Schmidt Allerød


2010 Jacob Carstensen Brønshøj
2011 Peter Erik Olsen Seksløber
2012 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Michael Jørgensen Helsingør
2013 Mogens Henrik Thuesen Enkelt medl. 1. HK.
2014 Ole Bøgh Larsen Helsingør
          Mikkel Manosri Jacobsen BMS Skak
2015 Mladen Gajic Malmö Allmänna Schackklubb
2016 Mikkel Manosri Jacobsen BMS Skak
2017 Thore Nyboe Jensen Nørrebro Skakklub
2018 FM Tobias Valentin Rostgaard BMS Skak
2019 IM David Miedema Holland


2022 FM Tom Rydstrom Sweden
2023 GM Valery Kazakouski Lithuania
2024 Lets see what happens

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Everyone is welcome to come and attend the tournament. It is free for anyone who wishes to follow the matches at the venue, Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten. Above, you will find an overview of all the days and times when it is possible to visit Kronborg Chess Open. Visitors will also have the opportunity to play chess in the analysis room.